Lead Generation & Sales Mastery Challenge

Advanced strategies to generate quality leads & sell without selling

"Pull Dozens Of Quality Leads Weekly From The Social Media Jungle & Convert Them Into Paid Clients Without Sounding Salesy"

24th -28th April (5:00 PM GMT)

Let's Generate Leads & Close Them

As the name suggests at the end of the 5 Day event you will have 3 powerful lead-gen strategies & will be able to sell your audience without sounding salesy

Day #1

"How To Create The Exact Ideal Customer Profile So You Can Find Customers Fast"

Ideal Customer Profile

How to create the perfect Ideal Customer Profile(ICP) so you can find, identify, & qualify the lead

Our exact process to craft ideal customer profile (ICP) that helped us identify our prospects in the social media jungle

Get to know who your customers are & save hundreds of hours on non-qualified leads

Day #1

"How To Create An Offer So That Your Ideal Client Won't Reject You On A Sales Call."

Creating An Ideal Offer

The exact formula to create an offer which we use to create & sell high tickets.

Get To Know The Secret Of Creating A High Converting Offer So Your Ideal Client Is Ready To Buy Before You Sell

Day #2

"How To Create & Spread Content That Makes Your Audience Jump Into Your Inbox"

Strategic Organic Posting

The exact method I follow to create & distribute dozens of items of content on Facebook consistently

This is a vital strategy every coach should use.

Get To Know The SECRET To Post High Converting Content That Shows Your Expertise

Day #2

"What Images To Attach To Posts That Will Make Scrollers Stop & Read Your Copy"

Magnetic Post Attraction

The exact concept we use to select images which has doubled our engagement.

Get To Know The Concept Of Image Attraction That Will Connect Your Audience Emotionally With You

Day #3

"How To Fill Your Events With 100's Of Quality Leads Even If You Have Zero To No Traffic"

Collab & Create

With this tested formula you will fill your events with the exact people who are interested in your solution removing the stress of no shows.

Your conversion rate will surely improve if your audience’s quality improves.

Get To Know The Real Secret Of Finding QUALITY PEOPLE In One Place For Your Events

Day #3

"Uncover the power of community and the freedom it can bring.​"

Using Community To Collaborate

How to use the community to its maximum effect and benefit all the parties 

"Get To Know The Process Of Using A Community To Grow Your Buisiness"

Day #4

"How To Build A Community That Helps You Learn As You Earn"

Using Community To Earn

How to build a community in a way that will generate passive income 

Get To Know All The Secrets Of Building A Paid Community

Day #5

"The Perfect Way To Set A Strategy In The Place That Generates Leads On Autopilot"

Need A Sponsor

This is a new opportunity that is literally a set and forget organic lead generation strategy.

Go in front of thousands of ideal customers weekly without lifting a finger.

DISCOVER The New Way To Generate Leads Passively !

Let's Generate Leads & Close Them

Who is this challenge for?

If you are a coach, consultant, business owner, freelancer, or entrepreneur and are struggling to generate quality leads & losing prospects on a sales call

If you are tired of sending cold DMs then there are warm DMs and warm Email strategies specially build for this reason.

If your prospects ghost you after you reveal your price then our sales expert will show you the process to sell high tickets

If you are trying your best but still attracting no leads or not getting quality leads

If your content is failing to stop people and getting zero to no engagement

If you are looking for new 2023 strategies to generate leads & tested sales call handling techniques

If you want 'set and forget organic lead generation strategies' (Passive Lead Generation Strategies )

If you are looking for the best ways to use your community to everyone's advantage.

Bonus #1 - 450 Converting Headlines

"How To Write Headlines That Will Make Prospects Stop & Read Your Whole Content"

Total Value: $97.00

These are ready-made tested headlines that will stop prospects and make them excited about your content.

You will have proven & tested 450 headlines which you can model and reuse in your business

Battletested Headlines For You To Model And Reuse

Bonus #2 - Ideal Customer Profile Document

"How To Create A Perfect ICP In Less Than Hour..."

Total Value: $97.00

These are fill-in-the-blank documents that will help you create your ideal customer from scratch.

You will have a strong ICP after completing all the documents & your targeting will become clear.

Set Your Foundation With Ideal Customer Profile Document !

Bonus #3 - Organic Content Posting Formats & Templates.

"How To Write A Post That Generates Leads & Send Them To Your Inbox.."

Total Value: $97.00

3 Best-Performing formats that explain the step-by-step process to craft a perfect Facebook post with a guide.

You will get my top 3 templates and formats that you can use to craft your own post by modeling it.

Ready-Made Content Format For You To Make Your Content A Lead Machine

Bonus #4 - 30-Day Social Media Post

"1 x 60 Min Group Call On Planning Your 30-Day Social Media Posts "

Total Value: $197.00

Plan your content systematically so that you don’t need to worry about what to post.

Get The Exact Strategy And Steps To Plan Your Content

Bonus #5 - Facebook Optimization Training

"A detailed video training on optimizing the Facebook Profile"

Total Value: $197.00

Get known as an expert by showcasing your Facebook Profile.

Never Lose Ideal Clients Because Of The Lack Of Information

Bonus #6 - Business Strategy Call

"A business strategy call to understand the positioning of your business "

Total Value: $197.00

Get to know where you stand in this competitive business world.

Fill The Missing Gaps Of Your Business

Let's Generate Leads & Close Them


Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get
When You Attend "Lead Gen & Sales Mastery" Challenge.

Ideal Customer Profile ($197 Value)
Creating An Ideal Offer ($997 Value)
Strategic Organic Posting ($197 Value)
Magnetic Post Attraction ($997 Value)
Collab & Create ($197 Value)
Using Community To Collaborate ($997 Value)
▶ Need A Sponsor ($197 Value)
Using Community To Earn ($997 Value)
450 Converting Headlines ($97 Value)
ICP Documents ($97 Value)
Organic Content Posting Format ($97 Value)
▶ 30-Day Social Media Post ($197 Value)
Facebook Optimization Training ($197 Value)
Business Strategy Call ($197 Value)

Total Value: $5658

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Lead Gen & Sales Mastery

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Before saying NO think for a while,

If by only spending a few hours for 5 days you can discover deeper secrets to sell without selling

What is the cost of learning sales from an expert with 20+ years of experience? You are getting it in exchange for a few hours.

What wonders you can do with these new strategies in your market if you are the only person using these strategies? How would you feel if you came to know that your competitor enrolled in this course, generated hundreds of leads and you can't get this because now the opportunity is gone 🙁

These strategies can give you leads in the next month ( Fast )

You will learn from a sales expert with 20+ years of experience ( get experience )

These strategies can give you quality leads by filtering non-interested leads ( Quality )

After learning sales mastery techniques you don't need to worry about selling high tickets ( get mastery )

These strategies are tested by my team and are 100% working( Guarantee )

You will understand the difference between selling like a noob & selling like a pro
( never sound salesy )

These strategies will save you hundreds of hours ( No Cold DMs)

You will hardly lose a prospect after learning pro offer creation ( Confidence in offer )

No competitor of yours is using these strategies ( Competitive advantage )

Your every post will make more sense to your audience ( more effectiveness )

The challenge has all the homework, and guides. excel sheets and workbook to help you understand every strategy ( Material )

This Is Truly A One Time Event, So Register For The 5-Day Event Before The Opportunity Is Gone...

If you are reading this that means you are serious about the challenge.

P.S. In case you are one of those people (like me) who skips to the end of the page, here is the deal:

This is a 5-Day event where we are going to reveal our paid stuff around lead generation & sales to help you get qualified leads & close them.

There is no catch…we are not going to hold anything back.

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